Enable kids learn
while they play

PlayMore enables you and your kids learn more while any app is being used on the phone. With few basic setting you can configure PlayMore to popup questions while the phone is being used for any purpose. User will have to answer question correctly in order resume

Meet PlayMore.

Learn while you play with your phone.


PlayMore enables you to keep watch on usage of apps in the phone. You can configure it to popup academic questions at a regular frequency while any app in the phone is being used.


Games are adictive and kids fall pray to it! They get engrossed and lost in the experince. When it happens, they are not aware of the surroundings. PlayMore addresses this by popping up questions periodically so that the child is not lost in the game.

Track progress

PlayMore show trends and progress child is making in answering the questions. It also gives perspective of what subject interests child and where they are lacking.

Best Features

Free Questions

Get 200 free multichoice questions for the age group of your children. The questions are downloaded when you install the app. They contain text and multimedia questions.

Buy Detailed Analysis of Performance

Track performance of your children, know their likings and area of improvements. Plan how they can excel and see them making gradual progress.

App Usage

(Coming Soon) Know how the phone is being used. Apps that are used most from the selected list, how long they are being used and who uses them.


Choose from an array of subjects to show the questions from. They may vary according to age group but most common as Maths, Science, English and GK.

Buy More Questions and Subjects

Dont worry if you run out of free questions. You can always download more questions at very low cost.


How it works

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